i have a million things to do tonight and i’m so tired i could literally sleep for a month. i was planning on having an early night tonight but so many things to do and so little time ugh i’m sO STRESSED

w/e its my amazing bf’s birthday tomorrow and i’m so happy bc i get to wake him up with kisses and cuddles and presents and yay i love him :)))

almost finished planning my bf’s birthday present omg

i should just wrap myself up in a bow bc i’m obvs the best present ever hahahaha no

but i’m so excited omg i hope he likes it :))))

bf + vodka = happy jess :))♥

i stayed at bf’s last night, we were gonna go on a picnic yesterday but it was raining so we just chilled

we baked fab gluten free brownies, had pizza for dinner, a few drinks and a joint each then went in the spa. it was so fun being stoned with him omg

at some point in the early hours, we went for a smoke outside. i did a strip tease for him and omfg it was so hot. we started fucking against the house when his brother ((and 2 of his brothers friends)) got home, omg it was fucking hilarious

today we just chilled but i was really sick, i felt like i was going to throw up and i kept collapsing and falling asleep. bf was so worried and i felt so awful for being sick but he took care of me and he’s so perf omg

my whole body is aching and i’m just exhausted and sore, but so worth it. i fucking love our sex life and i love him so much :))) ♡

i legit have the best bf ever. today i was on such a low and i just felt awful, so bf came over to cheer me up

tomorrow i’m going to his in the morning and he’s taking me on a cute lil picnic, then we’re going to a party together and going back to his for the night

i’m the luckiest girl in the world, he makes me so happy and i’m so in love omg :))) ♡♡♡

stayed at bf’s last night, again lol wish i just lived with him tbh

i’ve legit never been this happy before, he makes me feel so safe and loved. he really does treat me like a princess and omfg i love him so much ♡♡♡

stayed at bf’s last night, met his family, watched sons of anarchy, went in the spa, watched more sons of anarchy, fell asleep in his arms, met his best friend, watched more sons of anarchy :)))

in one of the episodes a woman gets brutally raped, i got really upset ((thank u ptsd)) and i kinda just told him why i have ptsd. i was so worried he’d freak or wouldn’t feel the same but he was so supportive. he calmed me down and just held me for a while, and i’m really glad i told him now

i honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world, i’m just so happy and omg he’s amazing ♡♡♡

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! :))

I hope you all have a fab year, and if 2013 wasn’t good to you, i hope 2014 will be amazing

i’m on such a high rn, i had an amazing night ((i’ll make a post later lol)) and i can already tell 2014 is going to be a fab year for me

things are looking up :)))

i stayed at a friend’s last night with a bunch of friends and we spent the whole time smoking weed, drinking, watching harry potter and being idiots hahaha it was so fab

now I’m hungover and sore and tired lol w/e I’m gonna eat doritos and watch howls moving castle woo

I’m getting my nails done and having coffee with the lovely Drew today :)

Lovely night at dinner :)

Going to boys to hang then going out to dinner with bff and her friend yay :)

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Fab news, I saw my new school counsellor and she’s really cool ((and hot omfg)) we talked about heaps of stuff but I’ll make a ~proper~ post tomorrow. I’m actually really comfortable talking to her so snaps for me

And I’ve decided I’m only going back to my school a couple more times to say goodbye……
Bc I’m changing schools and starting year 11 again so I can actually do my hsc ((obvs can’t do it this year))

And I got painkillers woo

I’m so happy, things are finally coming together :)

literally such a good day

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