i had a really nice day despite running on 2.5 hours sleep

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yesterday my mum told me the scars on my arms are looking a lot better

Mum: "I do not have an obsession with doctor who"
Mum: "I wanna buy a tardis box"
Mum: "can I get a fez"
Mum: "bow ties are cool"
Mum: "rose and ten are my otp!!"
Mum: "omg no Rory and Amy "
Mum: "*sobbing*"
Mum: "but I lub them"
Mum: "*hands me medication* "
Me: " "
Mum: "Take your medication "
Your mum wants you to be healthy and I don’t hate you. You know that.

might be triggering

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I’m having really bad chest pains right on my heart while being lightheaded and short of breath.
My mum just said, “you need to eat more, you’re damaging your heart. You need to eat properly.”

I had one piece of toast for dinner and mum told me i need to start eating healthy, and said i was going to have another piece of toast before i go to bed

she forgot to ‘remind’ me again so no more toast for me. she’s trying to make me more fat, can’t she see i’m already an obese whale? 

Just got back from the hospital with mum. She was really badly dehydrated and sun exhausted etc
She’s doing a but better now but is so tired, poor Mummy :(

I saw my sexual assault psychologist today

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Me: "When I go to the movies I buy chocolate and cock porn "
Mum: "I didn't know they sold that at the cinema "
Mum: "lol"

jfc no mum i will not watch doctor who with you

Omg my mum is sitting outside smoking with me

i haven’t seen my mum since sunday morning and i miss her

she just called me and i’m in such a weird mood at the moment. not sure if i feel numb or if i’m kind of dissociating or am going to or what