every time i go to class i get my own office but the door opens onto the hallway where theres a lil waiting room. so the door to my office is open and the girl from schoolies was sitting in a chair right int front of my fucking office. que really awkward small talk omfg i’m so bad at socialising 

yay she just left and i don’t have to sit here with her staring at me remembering all the stupid shit i did at schoolies hahaha help

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :))))
18 and officially an adult omg

I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night with my family and I’m so anxious bc food and people and omfg idk what to do hElp

I’m having a photo shoot thingy today and heaps nervous bc fat and ugly omg and idek what to wear and I’m getting picked up in half an hour heLP

There’s a really hot guy who I went to school with in 2008 that lives across the road from me….. he’s coming to mow the lawn for me today


In 45 minutes I work my first day shift in over 2 years hALP ME

bff is having her 18th party tonight ((burlesque theme)) and i just fucking got my period wtf

I just made chocolate brownies with peanut butter omfg it’s like an orgasm in my mouth

Not signing out of school today bc I cbf going anywhere so I’m watching life unexpected all day until the offspring omfg so keen

I have no more painkillers kms

45° degrees tomorrow, strayan’s watch out for fires ok

(freaking out bc my grandparents live right on the bush that gets serious fires when it’s this hot :( omg)

omg K just sent me this aw

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ps, NYE is such a good reason to get drunk, steal guy’s hats while claiming you are full of #swag, and scream lyrics to songs by Tenacious D

Johnny Depp pls

I’m taking my mum to hospital :(