it actually hurts and upsets me when i’m told that i ~always assume things and overthink everything~. like yes that’s basically the definition of anxiety, something everyone seems to forget that i struggle with omfg

i don’t need a reason to validate my feelings tbh

but how fab is it when you actually want to go out and see friends but the only 2 friends you have are both exes and they forget you exist and your bf is always busy when you want to see him so you’re stuck feeling alone and unwanted and just not good enough

lmao i hate everything bye

i think i’m actually going to die of boredom omfg why don’t people ever want to see me, its not like i have feelings or anything????

waking up and being sick is not how i wanted to spend my day tbh. i feel so unwell and nothing is helping omfg help

i really just need a friend who i can actually hang out with and see on a regular basis. i see my bf a lot but he’s literally the only person i see. i get jealous when he hangs with his friends bc he actually has friends and i don’t so when i’m not with him i’m so bored and lonely. i wanted to see him tomorrow but he’s busy and i feel like i’m being annoying and now i have no idea when i’ll see him next which is just fab

i feel like everyone hates me and that i’m just not wanted at all

drew started her holidays at the start of the week and we said we’d hang out heaps but i’ve hardly heard from her and that makes me sad bc i haven’t seen her in months and months, i miss her lots tbh

i’m just so alone and idk what to do

i feel like shit and i’m pathetic and i have a massive headache that just won’t go away. i really wanted to go out tomorrow but i guess not so i get to spend the day home alone ((again)) being bored out of my mind and feeling even worse ((again)) lmao yay

w/e i bought a different brand of the same painkillers i take everyday and they have a sedative in them so i’m feeling pretty high rn tbh

i hate everything bye

i’m sorry for being a shit person and for ruining everything please forgive me i’m sorry

i’m so happy with you and you make me feel alive and when i’m with you i can breathe easy and the world doesn’t feel like it’s going to collapse and there’s no weight on my shoulders and you make me laugh and you still give me butterflies and you ground me and you make me believe that i’m worth more than what i believe i am and you help me not hate myself and you make me smile when i’m mad and you believe in me and you care about me and you make me feel things i’ve never felt before and i couldn’t be happier and i want you and only you

i love you


A FUCK YOU of biblical proportions to all you scum bag anons sending me hate, and sending hate on me to my cousin of all people regarding y relationship with Jess.

You obviously have no fucking idea how I live my life and you have absolutely no idea what Jess and I do together

You sure as shit…

i’m going to an appointment this morning that’ll basically make me decide whether i’m studying next term or not and i’m so anxious, i feel like i’m going to throw up omfg help

i need reassurance that you still love me as much as you did before

i saw my psych today and she basically told me she doesn’t want to see me anymore bc i self harmed again and got sectioned

now i have to find another psych or try and do this on my own, again. i’m really anxious about it bc i just spent the last year not seeing anyone and yeah it was okay, but only bc i wasn’t studying or working so my anxiety wasn’t that bad

now i’m in the middle of trying to sort out my future and i just feel like i’ve been abandoned. i don’t want to be a burden on anyone but i know i need help, i seriously can’t do this on my own

i feel like such a disappointment, everyone deserves better. i just feel so sad and helpless rn

i see my psych today after a few weeks of not seeing her and i’m so anxious tbh. she’s going to be so disappointed in me bc i haven’t seen her since before i was sectioned and omfg i already feel like such a failure to everyone

i’m feeling very insecure about myself and a lot of other things and i really hate this feeling, i just want it to go away tbh

i’m at bf’s and i hit a low earlier today and i just feel like i shouldn’t be here and that i’m not really welcome tbh

actually feeling that alone rn lmao