its my birthday in just over a week and i don’t even know what to do for it bc i only have a few friends and i don’t matter anyway

idk thinking about it is kinda making me sad but i should be happy

i really don’t want to be this low on my birthday

sleep always makes me feel better tbh

so i’m in class and i have my own office again right, and everything is sweet as, i’m getting so much work done and i’m all like ‘fuck yeah gonna finish this unit today’

i nearly finished it, go to save all my work ((its all online)) and the fucking internet cuts out so i’ve lost everything

jfc why does technology hate me

legit impossible for me to study in class when there’s wifi and i can actually blog properly for once jfc help

guess who has a job and has their first shift in 2 hours????? yeah that’s right i fucking do omfg yay!!!! i’m so excited but ngl my anxiety is through the roof hahaha

wow awks i don’t remember writing that last post and i don’t even remember going back to my ex’s haha i know i nearly passed out like 100m away from his house and i threw up so much ((god how mf embarrassing))

fuck this hangover is probably the worst i’ve ever had but so worth it lmao

of course i feel like shit

not good enough. never fucking good enough.

Please tell me
I’m not as forgettable
as your silence
is making me feel.
written by M.S. (via middlenameconfused)

(via miserablygrey)

i ruin everything and i’m never good enough ever

i’ve been up for an hour and i have an hour to get ready in a house full of 3 guys and 2 other girls and we’re leaving in an hour and i’m slightly hung over oh fuck

the guys got back a few hours ago and all we’ve been doing is drinking and watching blue mountain state haha I’m pretty tipsy bordering on drunk lmao i love staying here

but i need to be up in like 4 hours to get ready for my best friends graduation lmao oops

the boys are back and we’re drinking rum and honey bourbon and cherry bourbon lmao

jfc i swear to god people just love to piss me off lmao

praise baby jebus for my best friend and their wifi