theporcelainmanikin said: are you lusting for chocolate for real? =) I am, on a daily basis!

obvs or i wouldn’t have my url as that? cool beans chocolate is fab x



I literally can’t wait to be 18, I have like 8 tattoos already planned omfg 

this was me. but then i turned 18 and had this “oh-fuck-i-can’t-afford-a-tattoo-and-that’s-a-really-big-commitment” moment.

Lol good for u

Do you even live in Australia?

obviously..? why else would i write that?

I’m*, doesn’t*, remarkable*, people*.
don’t give me your bitchy sass about what I clearly don’t do on MY own blog. (Unless you know how to string a sentence together using real grammar and proper spelling lol)

*fangurl* omg :o she follows me :$

awww omg hey <3
pelluit replied to your photo: My life tbh
:( can i have a smoke pls oh and one day you’re coming to perth or im coming to sydney ((that’s where u live rite???)) and we’ll smoke a deck each and go shopping xxx

i’ll smoke one for you hehe omg yes that sounds perf tbh so i’m so keen :) xxx

can i have 1 plz

omg i’ll have 1 for u ok xo

insonore replied to your link: I made a wishlist ^-^
i really wanna buy you something :O

omg bby if i had money i’d totally buy you something <3


jess is amazing i lub her so much omfg ily 5eva bc 5 is more than 4

u rock, ur perf tbh xoxoxoxo

omg ily

If you want to recover just eat,counting calories won’t help

It won’t include calories, that’s very triggering and kind of defeats the purpose of trying to recover. Lol at your “just eat” bit though.

I HAVE A BIGFOREHEAD TOO OMG but omg ur entire face is so pretty can i eat it

omfg no your face is gorgeous tbh so you can eat mine as long as i can eat yours ok

ninasalvado replied to your post I barely ate today except for dinner …

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Your mum wants you to be healthy and I don’t hate you. You know that.


ophelimos replied to your post: tumblr why do u have to make a fucking ask limit…

omg i accidently reblogged sorry i always do that but how dare u jess my heart is broken

omg ur silly but i giggled haha omfg i’m sorry pls forgive me