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~post about yesterday and today~

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Fab news, I saw my new school counsellor and she’s really cool ((and hot omfg)) we talked about heaps of stuff but I’ll make a ~proper~ post tomorrow. I’m actually really comfortable talking to her so snaps for me

And I’ve decided I’m only going back to my school a couple more times to say goodbye……
Bc I’m changing schools and starting year 11 again so I can actually do my hsc ((obvs can’t do it this year))

And I got painkillers woo

I’m so happy, things are finally coming together :)

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I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now. I have so many thoughts running through my mind and I don’t know what to do with any of them

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I’m home from camp yay

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i had a breakdown today weow

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I’m so overwhelmed with negative emotions and anxiety about everything I ate today, going back to school tomorrow after a week off and then the school camp on Thursday/Friday.

I’m trying to use my wise mind to ground myself and I’m even trying to urge surf my self harm urges but it’s not working

I’ll probably end up self harming. I’m such a failure

hey remember that time when someone gave me X at school and i took my underwear off in the next class which just happened to be a lesson on safe sex and drug use

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just rambling lol

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fabtastic day

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pointless post weow

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I was talking to Mum earlier tonight about my school and what I’ll do after next term

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Today in business studies, the class discussion was on whether the Australian government (or any) should legislate a law against cyber bullying, and more thorough tracking and punishments etc on those who are caught out or found guilty.

We discussed the consequences of anonymous trolls (psychological damage, self harm, suicide etc).

I nearly broke then and there because even though I’d never spoken to her before, I thought of Liv, and of how much I miss her.

This beautiful girl, who’s touched my life even though I never said a word to her, is gone because anonymous cowards got a kick out of sending hate, and because the stupid government hasn’t enforced anything to lessen/stop anonymous hate.

So I spent most of the day crying.

Because lovely people like Liv are gone.
Because no one deserves hate.
Because no one should be driven to the point when they can’t handle their own life anymore.
Because the last time I received anonymous hate, I too nearly took my life.
Because I know if I ever receive hate like that again, I will succeed.

No one deserves to be hated, especially online where (generally) anonymous trolls are at their worst.

RIP, Liv. I never knew you but you touched my heart.
I hope that you’re folding stars. ♥

i get bored in class