I’ve been clean for around a month now and that’s the longest I’ve been clean in over 3 years

~snaps for jess~

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So a photo of a girl at the beach covered in self-harm scars came up on my fb newsfeed. The caption she wrote was about how she’s struggled and for the first time since being a child, she went to the beach, scars and all. She wrote how difficult it was, but she overcame the anxiety and made it through alive.
The above comments ((left)) are from an ignorant girl who is just so fucking stupid. I HAD to write something ((right)). I didn’t cover her name because I think she deserves to be names and shamed.
ps sorry for the bad quality photo

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Fighting urges is so mf hard

I’m so overwhelmed with negative emotions and anxiety about everything I ate today, going back to school tomorrow after a week off and then the school camp on Thursday/Friday.

I’m trying to use my wise mind to ground myself and I’m even trying to urge surf my self harm urges but it’s not working

I’ll probably end up self harming. I’m such a failure

yesterday my mum told me the scars on my arms are looking a lot better

I’m not going to self harm tonight, I’m going to hopefully sleep. I just had an electrolyte filled iceblock and some painkillers which will hopefully make me feel better

I’m not going to self harm tomorrow (I’m having a picnic with my girlfriend) and on Thursday (it’s my birthday) because I don’t want to ruin those two days

That’s five days in total without self harming

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I saw my sexual assault psychologist today

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My little cousins are asking questions about my cuts and scars.

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Suicide Awareness Day


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trigger warning: do not read if you are easily triggered

this is super long and boring and just me venting about all my issues at the moment. just ignore this lol

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