Jfc for once I’d like a full nights sleep without waking up a hundred times tbh

Should probably sleep… School photos tomorrow and I’m a bloated, obese mess ugh

Falling asleep, goodnight lol

I need sleep.

I need to be up in six hours ugh

Ugh I’m so awake but I need sleep lol goodnight

idek I’m just SO AWAKE AND IT’S 2AM
Someone message me and we will be besties ok :)

Sleeeeeep time :)

Idk I think I might sleep now.

I might go to sleep now…
Goodnight :)

Why am I awake? Ugh

I’m going to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep :)

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I’m so tired, I should sleep. I’m in a great mood tonight :) Goodnight.


It’s almost midnight and I just went over my fucking post limit goddamn it.

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