i want to be your princess again. it made me so happy being your princess

apparently one of my new painkillers can cause ~depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts~ hahahaha and i’ve been feeling pretty okay lately ((even tho i keep forgetting to take my antidepressants))

yay this will be fun lmao

i slept through 6 alarms and now i have less than an hour before i go out omfg itS TOO EARLY

when your ex deletes the photos of you two together. wow ouch.

i feel like i don’t exist and idk what i’m doing with myself anymore

i’m not really angry i’m just so upset and hurt and i dont understand why this had to happen if you love me like you say you do

i’m heartbroken and i’m just shattered

the “seen” thing on facebook makes me sad tbh

i’m feeling very insecure about myself and a lot of other things and i really hate this feeling, i just want it to go away tbh

i hit a low and i’m just really sad for no reason and i’m trying to be happy bc i finally get to see my bf tomorrow but it’s not working and i just feel so empty and down and idk what to do

why don’t i ever get random anons anymore lol like ask me absolutely anything and i mean anything??????

even tho bf and i have so much in common and are basically the same person, i feel like he’d love me more if i was into the same stuff he’s into like skating and music and yeah idk but i wish i could be better for him

i feel unworthy and unimportant

ugh i didn’t take my meds yesterday bc i knew i’d be smoking with bf but i wish i had bc i’m on such a low now and i just feel awful

i wish i was thin and attractive and even tho i’ve lost weight and i’m ~officially underweight~ i feel and look like an obese whale

i hate living like this, i hate the constant voice in the back of my head reminding me everyday of how pathetic and worthless i am

i just want to sleep forever

at bf’s, he wants me to go in the pool with him and i really want to but after breakfast this morning, i just feel so guilty and fat

idek how to tell him so i’m just hiding up in his room away from his family while he does stuff

i feel so awkward and i hate that this morning i was so positive and now i just feel so fat and ugly and uncomfortable

hey low mood go away lmao

what is life