i woke up in a good mood today and i’m feeling fab!!
yay snaps for jess


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i stayed at a friend’s last night with a bunch of friends and we spent the whole time smoking weed, drinking, watching harry potter and being idiots hahaha it was so fab

now I’m hungover and sore and tired lol w/e I’m gonna eat doritos and watch howls moving castle woo

literally forcing myself to eat before 6 hours of work is not fun but I feel like I’m going to pass out and throw up omfg

on the plus side I’m going to a harry potter marathon/party tonight woo

My doctor gave me new painkillers and I’m hiiiiiiiiiiigh woo

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Today I’m going back to group for the first time this year. This’ll be my third term of going so I’m really anxious bc new people and I missed last week’s session ((first one of the term))

so yeah wish me luck omfg dying

It’s been six months since I was last admitted to hospital for a ~suicide attempt~, the longest I’ve ever been. Tbh this is a massive achievement for me

Snaps for jess

I went to the bank the other day to cash a cheque and had a panic attack and mum just told me I’m going shopping with my step-dad ((jay)) so naturally I had another panic attack

I’m home alone and was really panicking but instead of self harming I told mum to call me. So she did and her, her bff and Jay all calmed me down a bit and now I’m smoking outside and listening to the birds and its all so much better now

~snaps for jess~

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friday night ~bf, bff and friend photos~

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~post about yesterday and today~

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I’m making a wishlist yay

Woo last night was fun :)

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Going to see Ted with Sarah soon! :)