I got called into work to start in an hour, woke up by mum telling me this bc she told my manager I could, then had a panic attack while screaming ridiculous things at my mum

All bc my back ((injury from work)) was so fucking sore yesterday that I had a break down, and bc it’s fucking sore today

I’m so done living like this

Getting unexpectedly called into work gives me panic attacks tbh

Me: "Hi, what would you like? "
Guy: "Hey, yeah I'd like a relationship"

tmi? (pointless rant about today)

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last week i served this girl and she was laughing heaps and her eyes were really red and you could totally tell she was really high so when she went back to her friends i watched them and they started playing with the straws and cups and omfg that must be like how i am when i’m high lol

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so i checked my roster (in the store) a few days ago and it said i started work at 5:30 tonight, and i’m in so much fucking pain, there’s not way i can work like this. so while spending ages trying to call them (to no avail) i checked the online roster which isn’t very accurate, to see that they’d changed my starting to 5pm. five minutes ago i was supposed to start work.

they finally answered at 4:55 and i sounded so retarded trying to explain how much pain i’m in and that i can’t physically work, and now they probably hate me and didn’t believe that i’d been trying to call them.


The awkward moment when two girls I used to very occasionally ‘confide’ in at work see my scars and are really worried curious because they haven’t seen my scars before could even be worried

Finished work fuck yes money :)

Forgot to take my increased medication weow. Hope it’s not too late to take it now…

Off to work, bai! :)

Catching a bus by myself, alone, to work in about twenty minutes.

I can’t stress how fucking anxious I am. I feel like I’m about to be sick. I’ve never caught public transport (apart from my school bus) alone in my life. I want to cry.

It just started raining and I’m supposed to be walking to work in like forty minutes or so.

Are you fucking kidding me.

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I think I should talk to my psychiatrist about medication for my anxiety tomorrow. This is really doing my head in.

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I really hope it doesn’t rain later when I go to work, or I’ll have to catch a bus by myself.
Ugh the only times I’m ever comfortable enough to take public transport is with family or when I catch my school bus.
Anxious anxious anxious

Guess I should try and get some sleep. I work tonight ugh.
Why can’t I just lay in bed with someone and have tea and chocolate and watch movies and cuddle for the rest of my life lol